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Hello and welcome to our website! We hope you will find this site quick and easy to use, and that you will find lots of useful information, as well as celebrations of what your fantastic children are doing and learning when they are at Nursery. We now have lots of different ways of sharing information with you, including this site, email, text, twitter, Facebook and our OurSchools App, so make sure you sign up to avoid missing out! At McMillan we try to create a place where children can find what they need to develop and learn, but we also know that what parents do at home has a massive impact on how children learn and progress, so we want to work together with you to get the best for all our children.

About Us

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Admissions Information

Click on the link below to view our admissions policy. The link will open up the policy in a popup window.

icon PDF small Admissions – click here to visit our policy documents page.

Click on the link below to download our admissions form.

icon MS Word  Application Form

30 Hours Free Childcare for Working Parents!

As you may be aware 30 hours free childcare for some 3/4 year olds is coming into effect from September 2017.

The new system is now available for applications.  If you think you may be eligible then you need to apply now for a start date in September 2017 

Eligibility:  for couples, both parents must earn over £120 per week each (work the equivalent 16 hours per week each)

Single parents must earn over £120 per week each (work the equivalent 16 hours per week each)

Applications must be made online via  and follow the links for 30 hours free childcare.

You will be required to create a ‘Government Gateway’ account first.  You will need a recent payslip, your P60 & National Insurance numbers.  Following this you can apply for the 30 hours.

If successful you will be given an 11 digit eligibility code which you need to give to the nursery office as soon as possible, to confirm your place at McMillan.

You will need to reconfirm your eligibility every 3 months – just in case your circumstances change.  You will receive automatic reminders for this.  Please remember to reapply or you risk losing your extra hours places.



Aims & Ethos

Policy for: Vision and Values

Our vision

To work together to create a happy community where all children, parents and staff do their best and achieve great things.

Our values
We believe the following are important for our community;

  • happiness, wellbeing and enjoyment
  • keeping everyone safe
  • everybody matters
  • creativity and innovation
  • valuing learning for life
  • empowering; choice and opportunity participation
  • Communication
  • positive impact on the wider world
  • Economic wellbeing

McMillan Nursery School situated on North Hull Estate, is a purpose built setting which endeavours to provide the best quality childcare for children and their families in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our aim is to provide excellent pre-school education in an environment which is fun and caring, whilst meeting individual social, physical and emotional needs.

Alongside this, the Children’s Centre provides training for parents, job advice, links with Health visitors and midwives, as well as a team of Family Support workers who are able to help families with a range of issues.

Relationships with parents and carers are a high priority from the very first day; caring for and meeting the needs of each child and family. Staff at McMillan acknowledge the central role of the family and home environment in the education of children, especially in the early years.

“Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. When parents and practitioners work together in early years setting, the results have a positive impact on children’s developments and learning” Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Principles into Practice, 2007, Department for Education and Skills (DfES)

Happiness, wellbeing and enjoyment
We believe that wellbeing is a crucial foundation for life and learning. At McMillan we aim to help everyone feel happy and enjoy life. Through offering a wide range of services to our families we are able to support them with this in a variety of ways. For example by creating learning environments which respond to the individual interests and needs of the children, through supporting a lone parent with finding work, or providing the opportunity to socialise at our parent’s events.


Keeping everyone safe
In order to develop and learn effectively children need to be; nurtured emotionally, cared for physically, and intellectually stimulated. We are committed to protecting children and strive to work together with families and other agencies to ensure children are safe and well cared for at all times.


Everybody Matters
As well as our respect for the world in which we live, we also believe in a respect for ourselves and for each other. We all have the right to be treated as an individual, to develop our own interests and preferences. At McMillan we aim to value every child, parent, member of staff and member of the community for who they are and what they want to achieve.


Creativity and innovation
As a School of Creativity we believe in offering opportunities to take risks, make links and ‘think outside of the box’. Through the use of innovative practice we are able to explore new ways of working and therefore improve the services that we offer. Creative thinking is a valuable and desirable life skill which we aim to support our community to develop.


Valuing learning for life
We believe that everyone has the right to learn, to enjoy learning and to continue learning throughout their life. Learning is at the heart of what we do for our children, parents, staff and community. The school aims to provide access to learning for all, whether this be in a classroom, a forest or in the local community. Through learning, everyone can achieve.


Empowerment, choice, opportunity and participation
Knowledge of the choices and opportunities that are available to us throughout life gives us the power to achieve great things and make a positive contribution to society. We aim to empower our community to develop the necessary confidence, understanding and skills to make fully informed decisions that will improve their lives and the lives of their families.


Effective communication between everyone involved with the setting is essential for developing a shared understanding of the needs of children and families.


Positive impact on the wider world / sustainability
Everything we do today has an impact on the world and how it will exist in the future. Children, parents and staff have a social responsibility to look after the world in which we live. At McMillan we aim to consider the effect of our actions on the environment so that we are able to make ‘green’ and sustainable choices wherever possible.


Economic wellbeing
 We aim to raise the aspirations of everyone at the Setting by building self-esteem, and developing self-confidence which will impact on their ability to take opportunities for self development.

Daily Schedule

Daily Schedule

Nursery School Opening Times:

Morning Session      8.30am – 11.30am

Lunchtime                11.30am – 12.15pm

Afternoon Session  12.15pm – 3.15pm

Roles and Responsibilities

School Oversight

Look into our Past


Staff List

Our most up-to-date staff lists will be posted in this area of the website.

Class Role
Jane Walmsley Nursery 1 Teacher BA, QTS
Maddie Palmer Nursery 1 Teacher BA, EYT, L3 Childcare
Lynn Robinson Nursery 1 Early years Practitioner Level 3 Childcare
Julie Straub Nursery 1 Early years Practitioner Level 3 Childcare
Clair Spivey Nursery 1 Early years Practitioner Level 3 Childcare
Lisa Patterson Nursery 1 SEN Support Level 2 Childcare
Paula Feetam Nursery 1 SEN Support Level 2 Childcare
Kerri Tonks Nursery 2 Teacher BA, QTS
Sharon Atkinson Nursery 2 Early years Practitioner BA. HLTA, L3 Childcare
Nikkii Smith Nursery 2 Early years Practitioner BA, Level 3 Childcare
Anna Clark Nursery 2 Early Years Practitioner BA, Level 3 Childcare
Adele Mabley Nursery 3 Teacher BA, EYT, RGN, L3 Childcare
Aimee Feasey Nursery 3 Early years Practitioner BA, Level 3 Childcare
Louise Lilley Nursery 3 Early years Practitioner Level 3 Childcare
Leah Taylor Nursery 3 Early years Practitioner Level 3 Childcare
Gunes Behic Nursery 3 Early years Practitioner Level 3 Childcare
Andrew Shimmin Head Teacher BA, QTS, NPQH
Claire Atkin Development Manager BA, L3, NPQICL
Elaine Potten Admin Officer RSA, CLAIT, L2 TA
Samantha Caville Admin Assistant OCR Level 2 – Application of Number
OCR Level 2 – Communication
OCR Level 2 – IT
BTECH National Diploma – Public Service
NVQ Level 2 – Customer Service
NVQ Level 2 Front of House Hospitality

School Governors

No governor on our governing body has a registered financial or business interest in the school.

McMillan Governor List McMillan Governors Responsibilities
CHAIR OF GOVERNORS Alex Hallowes Health and Safety: Mr Haycock
PARENT GOVERNOR Amanda Jack Attendance: Mrs Jack
COMMUNITY GOVERNOR Caroline Storey Literacy: Mr Haycock
COMMUNITY GOVERNOR Magdalena Moses Numeracy: Ms Storey
AUTHORITY GOVERNOR David Haycock (Vice Chair) Pupil Premium: Ms Jack
HEADTEACHER Andrew Shimmin SEND: Dr Hallowes
STAFF GOVERNOR Jane Walmsley Child Protection: Dr Hallowes
PARENT GOVERNOR James Belham Looked after Children: Dr Hallowes


 Governors Terms of Office are as follows

 Terms of Reference



School Governors

No governor on our governing body has a registered financial or business interest in the school.

McMillan Governor List McMillan Governors Responsibilities
CHAIR OF GOVERNORS Alex Hallowes Health and Safety: Mr Haycock
PARENT GOVERNOR Amanda Jack Attendance: Mrs Jack
COMMUNITY GOVERNOR Caroline Storey Literacy: Mr Haycock
COMMUNITY GOVERNOR Magdalena Moses Numeracy: Ms Storey
AUTHORITY GOVERNOR David Haycock (Vice Chair) Pupil Premium: Ms Jack
HEADTEACHER Andrew Shimmin SEND: Dr Hallowes
STAFF GOVERNOR Jane Walmsley Child Protection: Dr Hallowes
PARENT GOVERNOR James Belham Looked after Children: Dr Hallowes


 Governors Terms of Office are as follows

 Terms of Reference



McMillan By the Seaside

We found this fantastic film of a visit to the seaside in 2005 when the children dug up a magic suitcase!

Check it out & see if you recognise anyone – maybe even yourself!

History of the McMillan Sisters

Margaret and Rachel McMillan – for whom we are named

They were born in the USA, but came over to Scotland when Margaret was about 5, after her father died. Margaret spent some time studying music and languages in Europe, with a view of becoming a governess. Meanwhile, after the elderly relatives died, Rachel moved down to London, and soon Margaret joined her. Together they started attending socialist meetings, meeting such people as William Morris, and they also became involved with the Fabian Society. It wasn’t long before they moved from becoming spectators to workers for the socialist movement, and they began to address meetings, they sold political papers and Margaret held singing classes for mill girls, who, apparently, often jeered at her and called her a toff!

In 1893 the sisters left London for Bradford, where they joined the Independent Labour Party. Margaret relied on Rachel to keep her while she wrote articles and lectured on a voluntary basis. In 1894 she was elected onto the Bradford School board, and she was greatly disturbed by what she observed – the neglect and preventable illnesses of the children made her embark on the task of improving conditions for school children, including washing them (‘how can you educate a dirty child?’) and writing pamphlets about hygiene for parents, to campaigning for school medical inspections, school clinics and school meals.

Margaret McMillan

In 1902, after the Conservative Government abolished School boards and put their duties into the hands of urban, district and county councils – to which women could not be elected, Margaret left Bradford and joined Rachel in London. They lived in Bromley, and Margaret gained employment as a lecturer with the London Ethical Society. It was during this time that Rachel strayed into Deptford on a walk and discovered the extreme poverty there – ‘stained and tumbling walls, the dark and noisy courts, the crowded rooms, the sodden alleys all hidden behind roaring streets. Women who care no more. Girls whose youth is a kind of defiance. Children creeping on the filthy pavement, half naked, unwashed and covered in sores.’

And soon Margaret saw the conditions for herself when she was appointed manager of 3 Deptford schools. Overcrowding was a terrible problem, with families (with an average of 5 children) often all sleeping in the same bed at one end of their one room tenement, and as the causes of infant mortality were poverty, malnutrition, overcrowding and lack of sleep, it is no wonder that approximately one in five children born in Deptford died before they were one year old.

As manager of her schools Margaret concentrated on the education and developmental health of young children and their relationship to home life. But in 1905 the Education code stated that under-fives should not be allowed in infant schools, and thus all those very young children who had been going to school – the 3-5’s – ended up playing in the gutters, very often with no adult input because parents were working.

Margaret realised increasingly that health had to come before education with these poor families, and to cut a long story short, she managed to open a clinic to treat the basic problems – fleas and other ‘vermin’, ear syringing, eye examinations and skin ointments etc. In 1911 she and Rachel started the ‘Girls’ Night Camp’ where girls came and stayed overnight in simple beds under basic shelters. Margaret was convinced that fresh air, exercise and good nutritious food would improve their health in a way that the clinic could not. The girls’ ages ranged from 6 – 14 and there were sometimes as many as 17 girls sleeping in camp. The principle was to get them out of cramped and badly ventilated bedrooms, not, in any way, to replace their homes – as Margaret said, it was ‘an open-air residential school, that does not separate the child from her home’. Soon a boys’ camp followed, but Margaret was convinced the effects of the camp were too late for these children – so she started an experimental ‘Baby’ camp, which Rachel gave up her job to help run, and this became the Rachel McMillan Open-Air Nursery School, the seed from which other nurseries could grow.

Margaret developed very precise opinions about the best layout of the buildings so that ‘once inside the child comes under the influence of the great healers, earth, sun, air, sleep and joy.’ The gardens were very important, and, in her opinion, ‘the buildings should face south or south east, and in order to have this, the line of the rooms or shelters must be straight, the walls at either end shaped in butterfly form to catch all the sunshine possible.’ Roof lights and movable walls ensure that there is maximum light and access to the outdoors and fresh air all year round.

McMillan Nursery School

Margaret said, in 1918, when it became statutory to have Nursery schools – preferably open air, that ‘ a garden grown humanity cannot be as the humanity of the grime and of the street. It will have spent its first cycle in a place where living things are taken care of so that at least they spring up into things of beauty and colour and perfume. Those who do all this culture work will be cultured. The little gardeners themselves, not the flowers or the vegetables or the trees, will be the glory of the garden.’

Alex Hallowes



McMillan M (1919), The Nursery School, London, Dent and Sons

Trueman H et al, (1999), The Children Cant Wait, London, Deptford Forum Publishing

A School Where Everyone is Valued

Nursery School Event Galleries

Making Pizza

Click on any image below to open the gallery.

Art and Craft Day

Click on any image below to open the gallery.

Forest School

Click on any image below to open the gallery.

Shadow Dancing

Click on any image below to open the gallery.

General News Feeds

Find out What’s Happening…

Blog News

Children In Need

Today the children from Chestnut and Beech made sandwiches and enjoyed a teddy bears picnic for Children In Need. Many thanks to all of our families for all their kind donations xx

Friday 15th November – Children in Need.

Please see the below poster for this years fundraising for Children in Need at McMillan Nursery School on Friday 15th November.

We will provide the picnic food and teddy bears.

Parkstone Primary School

Please see the below poster for Parkstone Primary School open door event on 12th November 2019 @ 4pm-5pm.

Primary School Application.

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 you must apply for a primary school place between Monday 1 October 2019 and Tuesday 15 January 2020. If you live in Hull you must apply to us with your preferences of primary schools for your child, even if the school you want is not in Hull.

Please see the below link to apply online.

Parents of the nursery school please could you let the nursery office know your chosen school once you have applied.


Supplementary funding for maintained nursery schools.

We are delighted to confirm that government has today announced the supplementary funding for maintained nursery schools will continue for the whole of 2020-21 financial year, alongside announcements of inflationary increases for all 2-year-old funded places and most 3- and 4-year-olds.

Please see the link below for the full press release.

We would like to thank each and everyone who supported the previous petition.


Functional Skills

It is not too late to add onto the below Functional Skills course at McMillan Nursery School. If you wish to book your place please see the nursery office or call us on 01482 331370. This course is free and open for everyone.

Free child (under 16) Tickets

On Sunday 10th November Hull City Ladies Football Club are playing at home to Middlesborough WFC.

If any parents would like to take your child to see this match please contact the nursery office for FREE child tickets.

Let’s try and break our attendance record and cheer on the Tigresses to victory.

For more information on adult priced tickets please see the club directly.


Half Term.

Just a reminder to all parents the nursery school is open today as normal but close for half term at 3.10pm.

The nursery re-opens on Monday 4th November at 8.30am. We hope you all have a fantastic half term with lots of fun.

For tips how to stay safe on Halloween and on Bonfire night please see the below link.


Black Nike Trainers

Could parents please check if their child has black Nike trainers if your child has the correct sizes on. We have a child who has too odd sizes. Thank you.


Get Creative this half term with Hull Museums & Ferens Art Gallery.

Please see the below activities happening over half term.

Scare Safely this Halloween

Halloween can be an exciting time of year for children, dressing up and going out after dark. Being mindful of potential hazards can help prevent accidents and make Halloween safer for everyone without dampening the fun.

Please click on the link below for tips on staying safe this Halloween.

‘Monster world’

Today the children worked together to create this ‘monster world.’ They drew monsters, ghosts and witches and we talked about what monsters do.
The children decided they scare people and eat boys and girls. This discussion led to the children designing a set of rules similar to our lanyards. They had used previously learnt strategies and applied them to their own knowledge and understanding.
We had rules like “don’t eat me” “good listening” and ” don’t come in our house” plus a few others.  #sparkingourimagination.

Socks & spare clothes

A gentle reminder for parents/carers to put lots of spare socks and clothes in your child’s bag. As the weather is becoming cold and wet the children often need changing on return from outdoor play. We are unfortunately running very low on spare clothes at nursery, please can parents return any clothes/underwear/socks that the nursery have provided.

If you have any spare clothes that your child has grown out of all donations are welcome.

Thank you

Its not too late……

Its not too late to add onto the FREE managing behaviour course. There is still 3 weeks left. Please contact the nursery office.

Functional Skills FREE COURSE.

Please see the below FREE course here at McMillan Nursery School. Starting Tuesday 12th November for 3 weeks.

Please contact the nursery office to book your place.

New Wellington Boots.

We would like to say a huge thank you for all parents that donate funds into our school pigs each week on entrance to your child’s classroom. With these donations and continued fund raising from our staff we have been able to purchase the classrooms all new extra wellington boots for outdoor play.

They arrived today… Thank you.

Amendment in term dates.

Please see below the amended term dates. The Nursery school now closes for Summer on Friday 17th July 2020.


Notices of Events

Christmas Events

  • Wednesday 7th December– Magician
  • Wednesday 14th December– Santa’s Grotto & Christmas parties 


Children in Need

Image result for children in need

We are holding our Children in Need day next Wednesday 16th November. Pudsey has recommended children to wear spots, so that is what our theme will be. If you would like to join in with wearing spots we will have a donation bucket on the day .

World Book Day

You should all have had your letters from the classrooms inviting you to help celebrate World Book Day with us on Wednesday 2nd March.  In conjunction with this we will be selling books at a reduced rate of £2.00 per book from Wednesday onwards at the end of each session.  Please pop down to the Community Room and have a look and perhaps buy a book or two.  Every child will also get a voucher for £1 to be spent on a book, but this has to be spent in a participating book store.

Term Dates

General Parental Information

Food Provision

Teaching Materials


Lunch Menu

School Dinner Menus

All of our school dinner menus will be added into this area of the website.



Policy Documents

Click on the icon below to view our policy document.

icon PDF small Accident Flow Chart

icon PDF small Admissions Policy

icon PDF small Admissions – Contract

icon PDF small Adoption Leave Policy

icon PDF small Appraisal

icon PDF small Attendance

icon PDF small Behaviour

icon PDF small Bomb or explosive device

icon PDF small Breastfeeding

icon PDF small Bullying

icon PDF small Charging

icon PDF small Child Protection Flowchart

icon PDF small Child Protection & Safeguarding Policy

icon PDF small CLLD No Pics

icon PDF small Code of Conduct

icon PDF small Collection of children

icon PDF small Complaints

icon PDF small Creative – Expressive Arts & Design No Pics

icon PDF small Data Policy & Procedures

icon PDF small Data Protection

icon PDF small Educational Visits (Health & Safety)

icon PDF small e-safety policy

icon PDF small Fire Evacuation

icon PDF small Food and drink

icon PDF small Forest Schools

icon PDF small Foundation Stage 2 Leavers policy

icon PDF small Health & Safety

icon PDF small Hot Drinks

icon PDF small Ice & Snow

icon PDF small Key Person

icon PDF small Maths

icon PDF small Medical Needs

icon PDF small Medicines & Sickness of Children

icon PDF small Non Smoking

icon PDF small Overtime Policy

icon PDF small Parent Involvement Events

icon PDF small Parent Toddlers

icon PDF small Partnership with parents and carers

icon PDF small Pay Policy

icon PDF small Personal care for children

icon PDF small Personal Information Handling Guidance v2 71

icon PDF small Personal Social and Emotional Development Final

icon PDF small Privacy Notice

icon PDF small Records and assessment ASMP

icon PDF small Recruitment

icon PDF small Security Policy

icon PDF small SEN Inclusion

icon PDF small SEND Information McM

icon PDF small Sex Education

icon PDF small Sickness Absence Procedure No Appendices

icon PDF small Sickness Absence

icon PDF small Sickness Reporting McM NS

icon PDF small Single equality final

icon PDF small Sleep _ Rest

icon PDF small Staff Child Protection Incident Flowchart

icon PDF small Staff Development and Induction

icon PDF small Students and Volunteers

icon PDF small T&L Key words

icon PDF small Teaching and Learning

icon PDF small Transition policy

icon PDF small Travelling and subsistence guidelines

icon PDF small Travelling and subsistence policy

icon PDF small Vision and Values

icon PDF small Whistleblowing

icon PDF small Young Carers














Government Inspections

SEN Provision

Nursery Overview



Web Links
Forums, Local Authority, Ofsted & E-Safety

Weblinks Forum

Browse through our weblinks forum posts using the information feed below.

The Woodland Trust

The Woodland Trust is a charity registered in England and Wales (No. 294344) and in Scotland (No. SC038885). A non-profit making company limited by guarantee. Click on the image link below to visit the website.


Hull Truck Theatre

Hull Truck Theatre produce exciting and culturally relevant theatre. Productions are presented both in our main auditorium and studio theatres as well. Click on the image link below to visit the website.



REAL Project

Structure of the REAL Project

The REAL Project had two phases. In the first phase (1995–96), early years educators working in schools and young children’s centres across the city collaborated with Cathy Nutbrown and Peter Hannon to develop a range of methods for working with parents.

Taking as starting points those methods already being used in schools and centres and the ideas already developed by members of the project team, together they created a ‘bank’ of new methods and resources designed to address the literacy needs of parents and preschool children (Weinberger et al., 1990; Nutbrown et al., 1996; Nutbrown and Hannon, 1997). Working groups focused on different strands of pre-school literacy and different target populations to devise and evaluate literacy activities involving parents and children.


Two Year Funding

If you have a child who is going to be two before 31st March 2016, now is the time to apply for 2yr funding.

Please use the link below to apply:-




Support and Advice for Grandparents

If you are a Grandparent and you need advice or support , if you are caring for your grandchild or have some questions, please contact The Grandparents’ Association:

Tel 0845 4349585


Here are a selection of very useful  websites all about staying safe online. Click on the image below to view the website menu. It will open up in a new popup window.



Online Educational Website Games

Here are a selection of very useful and fun websites that will enrich your child’s learning. Click on the image below to view the website menu. It will open up in a new popup window.

Educational Games

Web Links

All of the useful web links that the school uses will be added to this area of the website.

Contact Details
How to Contact Us
How to Find Us
Sensible Clothes

Address Information


Click on the Google Maps logo below to view a location of our nursery school.

Location on Google Maps


Uniform Overview

We do not have a school uniform but :-
Encourage your child to be independent by dressing them in clothes they can manage themselves:

 Easy clothes:

· Elastic waisted Trouser/skirt

· T-shirt, sweatshirt

· Slip on shoes velcro buckles

Hard clothes:

· Buckles, belts and dungarees

are hard to take on and off.

· Buttoned sleeves get messy

and wet.

· Laces are hard for children to tie.

We also ask that they wear clothes that you do not mind getting wet, paint or dirty…..

We do provide aprons for each of the messy areas and waterproofs for outdoor play but invariably this is not 100% foolproof.

Website Message

Hi everyone. We hope that you all have a fantastic time looking through this website and that it more than serves your needs in answering questions about our nursery school and its facilities. If you want to send us some feedback why not use the online form on the right? It would be great to hear from you. There will be lots more materials added here over time so please come back regularly to see what’s new or, even better, follow us on social media. That way you won’t miss a thing. Enjoy. 🙂

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