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Happy and healthy, living and learning.
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To work together to create a happy community where all children, parents and staff do their best and achieve great things.
We believe the following are important for our community;
  • happiness, wellbeing and enjoyment
  • keeping everyone safe
  • everybody matters
  • creativity and innovation
  • valuing learning for life
  • empowering; choice and opportunity participation
  • communication
  • positive impact on the wider world
  • economic wellbeing
McMillan Nursery School situated on North Hull Estate, is a purpose built setting which endeavours to provide the best quality childcare for children and their families in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our aim is to provide excellent pre-school education in an environment which is fun and caring, whilst meeting individual social, physical and emotional needs.
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Hello and welcome to our website! We hope you will find this site quick and easy to use, and that you will find lots of useful information, as well as celebrations of what your fantastic children are doing and learning when they are at Nursery. We now have lots of different ways of sharing information with you, including this site, email, text, twitter, Facebook and our OurSchools App, so make sure you sign up to avoid missing out! At McMillan we try to create a place where children can find what they need to develop and learn, but we also know that what parents do at home has a massive impact on how children learn and progress, so we want to work together with you to get the best for all our children.
McMillan Nursery School was purpose built in 1938 to accommodate children from North Hull Estate and other parts of Hull. We are proud to have served the community for over 75 years, beginning with the original ethos of Rachel and Margaret – the McMillan sisters – and evolving into an environment where young children are cared for, supported, challenged and stimulated. A space where children and parents are valued and respected, and where we work together to help them at the beginnings of their lifelong learning journeys.”

General News Feeds

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Parkstone Primary School

Please see the below poster for Parkstone Primary School open door event on 12th November 2019 @ 4pm-5pm.

Primary School Application.

If your child was born between 1 September 2015 and 31 August 2016 you must apply for a primary school place between Monday 1 October 2019 and Tuesday 15 January 2020. If you live in Hull you must apply to us with your preferences of primary schools for your child, even if the school you want is not in Hull.

Please see the below link to apply online.

Parents of the nursery school please could you let the nursery office know your chosen school once you have applied.


Supplementary funding for maintained nursery schools.

We are delighted to confirm that government has today announced the supplementary funding for maintained nursery schools will continue for the whole of 2020-21 financial year, alongside announcements of inflationary increases for all 2-year-old funded places and most 3- and 4-year-olds.

Please see the link below for the full press release.

We would like to thank each and everyone who supported the previous petition.


Functional Skills

It is not too late to add onto the below Functional Skills course at McMillan Nursery School. If you wish to book your place please see the nursery office or call us on 01482 331370. This course is free and open for everyone.

Free child (under 16) Tickets

On Sunday 10th November Hull City Ladies Football Club are playing at home to Middlesborough WFC.

If any parents would like to take your child to see this match please contact the nursery office for FREE child tickets.

Let’s try and break our attendance record and cheer on the Tigresses to victory.

For more information on adult priced tickets please see the club directly.


Half Term.

Just a reminder to all parents the nursery school is open today as normal but close for half term at 3.10pm.

The nursery re-opens on Monday 4th November at 8.30am. We hope you all have a fantastic half term with lots of fun.

For tips how to stay safe on Halloween and on Bonfire night please see the below link.


Black Nike Trainers

Could parents please check if their child has black Nike trainers if your child has the correct sizes on. We have a child who has too odd sizes. Thank you.


Get Creative this half term with Hull Museums & Ferens Art Gallery.

Please see the below activities happening over half term.

Scare Safely this Halloween

Halloween can be an exciting time of year for children, dressing up and going out after dark. Being mindful of potential hazards can help prevent accidents and make Halloween safer for everyone without dampening the fun.

Please click on the link below for tips on staying safe this Halloween.

‘Monster world’

Today the children worked together to create this ‘monster world.’ They drew monsters, ghosts and witches and we talked about what monsters do.
The children decided they scare people and eat boys and girls. This discussion led to the children designing a set of rules similar to our lanyards. They had used previously learnt strategies and applied them to their own knowledge and understanding.
We had rules like “don’t eat me” “good listening” and ” don’t come in our house” plus a few others.  #sparkingourimagination.

Socks & spare clothes

A gentle reminder for parents/carers to put lots of spare socks and clothes in your child’s bag. As the weather is becoming cold and wet the children often need changing on return from outdoor play. We are unfortunately running very low on spare clothes at nursery, please can parents return any clothes/underwear/socks that the nursery have provided.

If you have any spare clothes that your child has grown out of all donations are welcome.

Thank you

Its not too late……

Its not too late to add onto the FREE managing behaviour course. There is still 3 weeks left. Please contact the nursery office.

Functional Skills FREE COURSE.

Please see the below FREE course here at McMillan Nursery School. Starting Tuesday 12th November for 3 weeks.

Please contact the nursery office to book your place.

New Wellington Boots.

We would like to say a huge thank you for all parents that donate funds into our school pigs each week on entrance to your child’s classroom. With these donations and continued fund raising from our staff we have been able to purchase the classrooms all new extra wellington boots for outdoor play.

They arrived today… Thank you.

Amendment in term dates.

Please see below the amended term dates. The Nursery school now closes for Summer on Friday 17th July 2020.


Tinkering with tools.

This week the children have been introduced to a range of tools. We have used the tools to fix and create. The children have been highly involved and are beginning to master using screw drivers, drills and a saw safely.

Exploring for blackberries

Some children and practitioners went exploring yesterday to find blackberries. We only found one in our garden. However, in the Children centre car park there were lots to choose from. We talked about how the purple blackberries were ripe and would taste sweeter. When we got back into the nursery the children helped to count the blackberries, WE HAD 40! Today we will taste test them!

Little Pig Donations

Our nursery classes are trying to raise extra funds to do some baking with the children this term. If parents wish to make a voluntary donation we have the school fund pigs on entrance to the classroom. Thank you.

Image result for piggy bank

Managing Children’s Behaviour

We still have places available on the below Managing Children’s Behaviour course starting tomorrow. Please see or call the nursery office if you would like to book onto this course.

Lost ride along motorbike

We have had a little child’s red & yellow ride along motorbike go missing from the nursery grounds. If any parents/carers have accidentally taken this in mistake please could this be returned as soon as possible.

Can we politely remind all parents we do have a bike shed on the front entrance to the nursery that can be used to store locked bikes. We do not recommend leaving anything over night anywhere on the nursery grounds.  Thank you.

Save our nursery schools petition.

As you maybe aware all nursery schools in England are at risk of closure from 2020 due to maintained nursery funding running out. Currently it has not been guaranteed from the Prime Minister after Summer 2020. Please could all parents sign and share the below petition to family and friends to sign. We need as many signatures as possible. Many Thanks McMillan Nursery School.



 We have received information from the police that a child under 10 years has been accessing an app called “Randochat” this is an 18+ app and you need facebook or a gmail account to access this.  It is a chat room and completely anonymous.  Unfortunately images have been shared via this app.

This appears to be an app which is known by some primary school children and parents need to be aware to check there child’s devices and ensure there are adequate safeguards to prevent them being able to download 18+ apps.


Cooking on a Budget Course

Please see the below leaflet for a course starting at The Parks Children’s Centre on Tuesday 17th September 2019.

Tots Football.

Please see the below pictures from the tots football session last night. The children had a fantastic first session. Places are still available on Mondays from 3.30pm – 4.15 pm for ages 2-5. Please see the nursery office to book your child’s place.

Free Family English Course

Please see below leaflet for a free family English course at McMillan Nursery School.

Please call the nursery office to book your place.


Tots Football Sessions

McMillan Nursery School are holding Tots Football Sessions for ages 2-5 for 6 weeks. Commencing Monday 9th September – Monday 14th October 3.30pm – 4.15pm.
If you are interested please see the nursery office your book your child’s place as we can only offer 18 child per session.

Start of Autumn Term.

We hope parents and children have had a fantastic summer. Just to remind parents nursery opens on Wednesday 4th September.  Nursery staff we be doing home visits on Tuesday 3rd September for any new starters and those children who are moving up.

Hull Play Rangers

WOW please see the below activity leaflet from Hull Play Rangers for the summer holidays. All these events are free and drinks and snacks are provided. Lots of FREE fun to be had this summer.


Lovely comments on the leavers reports by parents.

Please see below some lovely comments made by parents on the leavers reports.

~ My Child has really come out of his shell and enjoys nursery (even missing coming while was on holiday). He can now write his name and even says it his homework to learn. He loves to be creative and makes lots of things and he has lots of friends he’s always speaking about and gets on with the teachers very well. 

Thank you for the time you have clearly invested in our child this year. He loves nursery and has grown hugely whilst there.

~ My child has had an amazing time at McMillan Nursery. I have seen her confidence grow, especially with children her own age. Her interests have always been encouraged, especially her love of creating beautiful pictures and reading. She has made close friendships whilst at Nursery and also has a very positive relationship with her key worker Maddie, this has had a very positive impact on her well-being, which is reassuring. She is always happy to attend and often asks for Maddie during time off. I am confident that all of her needs have been met throughout her time at McMillan. All of the staff, including dinner time staff and admin staff have always gone above and beyond for all the children. We will miss them all. Thank you.

I am very pleased with how well our child is doing at nursery, I love how involved he is and how well he’s settled, I am confident with the help he has received from nursery teachers that is move onto ‘big’ school will be smooth and easy for him We thank you for everything. 


Thank You.

The Beech team would like to thank all our parents, carers and families for all their well wishes, gifts, and support. The children have been visiting their new schools this week and their new teachers have commented on how confident and purposeful they were in their new settings.
We hope you all have a fantastic summer!
Image result for Thank you

Important News

Following reports from The Green Way in recent days and in the Hull Daily Mail, there has been another sighting of a man attempting to expose himself on 5th Avenue this afternoon. This was witnessed by a staff member and possibly some children playing outside at McMillan. Staff shouted at the man, at which point he walked off. The man was later seen again at The Green Way.
A report was made to the Police who attended and a man was later arrested. Further investigations are now ongoing.

Polite Reminder.

May we politely remind all parents to close the nursery gates when arriving on the nursery grounds. Thank you.

Summer Holiday Dates.

Just a reminder to parents that we close for the Summer Holidays on Friday 19th July and re-open on Wednesday 4th September 2019.


Image result for sun

Tax-Free Childcare or 30 hours

Below is a link to a short video clip to help parents check their eligibility and apply online for Tax-Free Childcare or 30 hours.

Child Car Seat Safety Laws.

Please could all parents travelling with a child in a vehicle take the time to click on the below link and read the legal requirements for child car seats.

Our Butterfly’s

Over the last few weeks the children have nurtured caterpillar’s until they were ready to fly away as these beautiful butterfly’s. Please see the pictures below.

Wood Workshop

What an exciting week we have had in our new workshops!
The children have really enjoyed practising their skills with the woodwork tools in one shed and in the loose parts shed we have had some fantastic model making.
The sheds are a welcome addition to our garden and the children have really enjoyed exploring and creating in them.
 Watch this space for further changes to our garden in the coming year. #developingyoungminds  #creativethinking

No Mobile Phone Policy.

Please can we politely remind parents to refrain from using mobile phones when in the nursery building. Thank you.


Thank You.

The Family of the local house fire wishes to thank all the staff and parents at McMillan Nursery School for all their kind donations over the last week. The Family are very grateful and overwhelmed from the support.

Image result for Thank you

Lost Pram

We have possibly a parent take the wrong blue and black pram home on collection this evening.

Please see the nursery office if you think you have taken the wrong one home by mistake.


Necklace Found

Yesterday we found a necklace in the nursery. If you think this could be yours please see the nursery office.

House Fire Donations and Collection.

Please could anyone help one of our families who have had their household possessions destroyed in a house fire. The Family have a four year old girl. A collection drop is at Superdec on Endike Lane.

We are also setting up a collection bucket for any cash donations on entrance to the nursery school if anyone wishes to make a kind donation.

Many Thanks McMillan Nursery School.

Graduation Ceremonies.

If your child is leaving nursery this summer we are celebrating with a graduation ceremony.

The following ceremonies will be as follows:

Sammy Snake group with Clucky – Monday 8th July 2019 at 8.30am or 12.15pm

Betty Bird Group with Jane and Maddie – Tuesday 9th July 2019 at 8.30am or 12.15pm

Charlie Croc group with Lynn and Julie – Wednesday 10th July 2019 at 8.30am or 12.15pm.

The Graduation will start as soon as possible when all the children are in and we close the register’s. We hope parents can make this special occasion.

We are so proud of their achievements.


Head Lice.

We are still getting outbreaks of headlice in the nursery. Parents are concerned and frustrated that they are retreating their child at a great deal of cost. Please can we ask parents to check them and treat them to prevent further infestation. Thank you.


Exciting times ahead at McMillan Nursery School.

D L Timber Thank you for making our amazing outdoor workshop.

The Children are looking forward to creating and imagining in the new space. #inquiring minds.

Diarrhea and Sickness.

Please could we polity remind parents that any child with diarrhea and sickness requires 48 hours clear before their child can return back to nursery. This is to prevent any infection getting passed to other children. Thank You.

Save nursery schools now

There are 392 nursery schools in England. The majority are located in the poorest parts of the country and, for many children, they are the only opportunity for early education.

As a result of chronic underfunding, many nursery schools have been forced to close in recent years.

Unless the Government changes course, even more nursery schools will face threat of closure, as early as September 2020.

The Government has accepted that nursery school funding is insufficient. As a stopgap measure, it allocated some money to plug the holes – but only till 2020.

Nursery schools face losing one third of their budget on average next year. This means severe cuts to the education and services they provide. In many cases, these cuts will simply put nursery schools at risk of closure.

Education Secretary, Damian Hinds, must guarantee proper funding for the long term and ensure no more nursery schools are forced to close because of insufficient budgets.

Sign this petition to save our nursery schools.

Missing Grey Winter Coat

Please could all parents check their child’s coat to make sure they have not accidentally taken home another child’s. We have a boys grey winter coat with a fur hood, age 3-4 missing from the beginning of the week. Kindest Regards Admin Team.

McMillan Nursery School FREE course

We are running a course to support parents to help their child’s development as they get ready for school. If you are interested in this course please see Claire.

Nursery 3 Stay & Play

Just to remind parents tomorrow (23.05.19) our 2-year-old classroom (Nursery 3) are having a stay and play event for parents.

The times of the sessions are:

10.20 AM until 11.20 AM


2.10 PM until 3.10 PM

Parents of full day children are welcome to attend either session or if your child does not attend on a Thursday you are welcome.



News, Notices & Dates

Term Dates 2018-19

Click on the image below to zoom in on the term dates poster.

Term Dates 17-18

Click on the image below to zoom in on the poster.

Christmas Events

  • Wednesday 7th December– Magician
  • Wednesday 14th December– Santa’s Grotto & Christmas parties 


Children in Need

Image result for children in need

We are holding our Children in Need day next Wednesday 16th November. Pudsey has recommended children to wear spots, so that is what our theme will be. If you would like to join in with wearing spots we will have a donation bucket on the day .

Term Dates 2016-17

Click on the image below to zoom in on our term dates document.


World Book Day

You should all have had your letters from the classrooms inviting you to help celebrate World Book Day with us on Wednesday 2nd March.  In conjunction with this we will be selling books at a reduced rate of £2.00 per book from Wednesday onwards at the end of each session.  Please pop down to the Community Room and have a look and perhaps buy a book or two.  Every child will also get a voucher for £1 to be spent on a book, but this has to be spent in a participating book store.

Term Dates for 2014-15

Here are our term dates for the academic year 2014-15.


Christmas Holidays

Monday 22nd December to Monday 5th January

Last day of nursery is Friday 19th December and return to nursery on Tuesday 6th January

Half Term

Monday 16th February to Friday 20th February

Easter Holidays

Monday 30th March to Monday 13th April

Last day of nursery is Friday 27th March and return Tuesday 14th April

Half Term

Monday 25th May  to Friday 29th May 2015

Summer Holidays

Last day of term is Friday 17th July 2015

Established children return 9th September 2015

Term Dates

All of our annual term dates will be posted in this area of the website.

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Get an overview of our school.


Find out about the best clothes to wear to nursery.
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