Our vision

To work together to create a happy community where all children, parents and staff do their best and achieve great things.

Our values
We believe the following are important for our community;

  • happiness, wellbeing and enjoyment
  • keeping everyone safe
  • everybody matters
  • creativity and innovation
  • valuing learning for life
  • empowering; choice and opportunity participation
  • Communication
  • positive impact on the wider world
  • Economic wellbeing

McMillan Nursery School situated on North Hull Estate, is a purpose built setting which endeavours to provide the best quality childcare for children and their families in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage. Our aim is to provide excellent pre-school education in an environment which is fun and caring, whilst meeting individual social, physical and emotional needs.

Alongside this, the Children’s Centre provides training for parents, job advice, links with Health visitors and midwives, as well as a team of Family Support workers who are able to help families with a range of issues.

Relationships with parents and carers are a high priority from the very first day; caring for and meeting the needs of each child and family. Staff at McMillan acknowledge the central role of the family and home environment in the education of children, especially in the early years.

“Parents are children’s first and most enduring educators. When parents and practitioners work together in early years setting, the results have a positive impact on children’s developments and learning” Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS), Principles into Practice, 2007, Department for Education and Skills (DfES)

Happiness, wellbeing and enjoyment
We believe that wellbeing is a crucial foundation for life and learning. At McMillan we aim to help everyone feel happy and enjoy life. Through offering a wide range of services to our families we are able to support them with this in a variety of ways. For example by creating learning environments which respond to the individual interests and needs of the children, through supporting a lone parent with finding work, or providing the opportunity to socialise at our parent’s events.


Keeping everyone safe
In order to develop and learn effectively children need to be; nurtured emotionally, cared for physically, and intellectually stimulated. We are committed to protecting children and strive to work together with families and other agencies to ensure children are safe and well cared for at all times.


Everybody Matters
As well as our respect for the world in which we live, we also believe in a respect for ourselves and for each other. We all have the right to be treated as an individual, to develop our own interests and preferences. At McMillan we aim to value every child, parent, member of staff and member of the community for who they are and what they want to achieve.


Creativity and innovation
As a School of Creativity we believe in offering opportunities to take risks, make links and ‘think outside of the box’. Through the use of innovative practice we are able to explore new ways of working and therefore improve the services that we offer. Creative thinking is a valuable and desirable life skill which we aim to support our community to develop.


Valuing learning for life
We believe that everyone has the right to learn, to enjoy learning and to continue learning throughout their life. Learning is at the heart of what we do for our children, parents, staff and community. The school aims to provide access to learning for all, whether this be in a classroom, a forest or in the local community. Through learning, everyone can achieve.


Empowerment, choice, opportunity and participation
Knowledge of the choices and opportunities that are available to us throughout life gives us the power to achieve great things and make a positive contribution to society. We aim to empower our community to develop the necessary confidence, understanding and skills to make fully informed decisions that will improve their lives and the lives of their families.


Effective communication between everyone involved with the setting is essential for developing a shared understanding of the needs of children and families.


Positive impact on the wider world / sustainability
Everything we do today has an impact on the world and how it will exist in the future. Children, parents and staff have a social responsibility to look after the world in which we live. At McMillan we aim to consider the effect of our actions on the environment so that we are able to make ‘green’ and sustainable choices wherever possible.


Economic wellbeing
 We aim to raise the aspirations of everyone at the Setting by building self-esteem, and developing self-confidence which will impact on their ability to take opportunities for self development.